I'm getting really tired of USAA putting "holds" on a physical check that I have to deposit through the mobile app. I'm usually direct deposit but once in a while I have to process payroll at my office with checks because of holidays (or in the most recent case, my employer changed banks - lucky him). I'm paycheck to paycheck, so it's not very feasable to hold 3/4 of my paycheck. I don't qualify for any of the reason that the app gives. It sure would be nice to close all my accounts and take my business elsewhere but I have a USAA credit card as well as my auto loan. Way to screw the pooch USAA. I'm sick of you!


Hello suchbs, I can certainly understand your frustration when a deposit is placed on hold. Certain deposit types are subject to holds, such as: ATM & mobile deposits of checks, which also include money orders, cashier checks & all other forms of "paper deposits." All banks have regulation holds on these types of deposits. Holds are necessary on unverified deposits to prevent potential loss to the bank as well as a negative impact to the account, should the check be returned for any reason, which can cause fee's and longer hold times on deposits in the future. Deposits that are verified funds, such as Wire, Direct Deposits & Electronic Deposits are not subject to the same type of holds. It is not our intention to cause inconvenience or frustration but to protect the account and our membership from loss. In order to avoid any inconvenience our mobile app alerts of any holds before you authorize the deposit. This is to give you the opportunity to cancel if funds are needed before the hold will be released. A direct deposit would be the first option, if not possible we recommend depositing to your local bank and utilizing our website to transfer funds into your account which would be verified funds and not subject to the same holds. I hope this information helps clarify the deposit hold as well as offer you other options to avoid holds for future deposits. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. ~ :Lori

I have the same issue with deposits. It is very frustrating to not have access to your money when you need it. I particularly don't understand why repeat deposits from same institution or account that never previously was returned, is continually put on an extended hold especially for days past when the funds have been credited.

Dear AbrF, 


I understand the frustration. However, holds can be placed on any check, as described in our response above, even if you have previously deposited checks from the same institution or account. I appreciate the feedback. 

My bank puts no holds on ANY monies, no matter the way it is received. (Checks, money order, etc). USAA members should start to withdraw all their money and see how quickly policies would change.

ENLsDAD, I can certainly understand how holds may impact your economic stability. Holds are not only placed to prevent loss/fraud, but also if an account has had recent negative history, such as overdrawing the account, returned deposits or NSF resulting in returned payments, which can cause holds on certain deposits. Deposit holds are a standard practice with all banks.


Please note that funds take a few days to actually reach us, from the time you deposit, it is not immediate. Even if it is showing as cleared from the funding bank, we do not receive the actual funds for a few days.  The only deposits which do not carry a hold are direct deposits, wire transfers and incoming electronic credits. All other deposits may have a hold.

Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit. This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to clarify the reason for holds. Have a good day. ~Jen

I feel your pain!!  I normally have direct deposit, and no complaints in general, actually.  This pay period something got screwed up and everyone had to take a physical check.  I was on vacation and did not get a heads up in time to pick it up, thanks employer!  So with the holiday weekend, I was already 5 days past payday waiting for the check in the mail, obviously not the fault of the bank.  So I had to deposit via my phone, which I've done many many times in the years I've had this account without issue.  I can probaly count on one hand the number of times I've had any check held, and usually only for a couple days.  I totally understand the purpose and reasoning behind holding to verify funds, and maybe it does take a few days for the funds to be received.  But a full week?  I have deposited personal checks for higher amounts and had them clear in less time, but I can't have access to almost 70% of my paycheck for a full seven days.  And we're not talking big money here, hence the fact this is so distressing.  I understand that's the policy, and you're allowed to place that hold for that long if you so choose, and that's fine.  But from what I understand, even if it only takes "a few days" for that money to arrive, I still won't be able to use it.  While the rep I spoke to was VERY nice and sympathetic to my plight, I was told the day after I deposited the check that there is absolutely no way that hold will be lifted before the week has passed.  It just seems odd to me, I don't know.


It's a one-off thing, I know, and I almost never have problems here, but this is going to cost me money in late fees on bills I now cannot pay on time, and I can't get groceries or anything else I needed to do this weekend.  I'm just venting because finances are already strained, and between that and some health issues I'm pretty grumpy in general.

Today, USAA refused to allow me to make a deposit of my own checks over $25,000 over the mobile app. They, without notice, changes my previous limit of $100,000, and now I can't put my own money into my checking account.

This organization has become so anti-veteran in helping service members and former service members alike.

USAA canceled UPS and now we no longer have a means to put money into our bank accounts. When asked to close my account the senior banker refused to do that.

Any members feel free to contact me, we need to file a complaint to whomever will listen, USAA has become so incompetent and irreverent to services for someone whose mission is supposed to be taking care of those who have honorable served.

I liken them to the corrupt and broken Department of Veterans Affairs.

This certainly isn't the experience we want for you, nor is it the way we want you to feel, ArmyVetOnline. I've sent a request for a Subject Matter Expert to look into this for you and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed. - Cathleen

I feel the same. I've been with this bank for 12 years and they refused to increase my mobile deposit limit from 10k to 12k. I wasted my whole morning running around to find out they cancelled the UPS check deposit option, then at their suggestion going to different financial service locations, and making numerous phonecalls that resulted in nothing but wasted time. I'm taking my business elsewhere. It feels as though this bank is going out of their way to make life difficult on it's members. I'm done.