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 With the "Federal Shutdown" looming again, does USAA plan to support Federal Employees? As prior Active Duty, Reservist, Federal Employee and member for many years...I am struggling to find any positive reason to stay with your bank. NAVY FEDERAL has said, once again, that they will offer Federal employees a no interest loan. Does USAA plan to follow THEIR LEAD or hang us out to dry again?


@symplman, On Dec. 21, the current U.S. government spending plan will end. If a new spending plan is not approved by midnight on Dec. 21 and the government shuts down, some members of the Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Corps may not receive their regular pay. USAA is exploring options to assist affected members and an offer may be available after Dec. 26 and will be communicated to affected members at that time. Thank you for taking time out of your day to express your concerns. ~ Shane

 Federal Law Enforcement Officers will not get their pay either, but will be expected to work. I've had a direct deposit with USAA for probably 15 years. I think that "we will send you an email if there is an offer" as an answer is disrespectful. Do the right thing for THOUSANDS!

My husband and I are in the same situation and also work for the BOP. Hoping USAA will work with us too!

@Husker4Life USAA is exploring options to assist affected members in the event of a government shutdown. Any offers may be available on Dec. 26 and will be communicated to affected members at that time. We appreciate your patience and understanding. You can review more details regarding this matter by following this link

Thanks for the info! Sure wish they would tell everyone instead of PMing people. Be safe!
I just had an employee tell me via chat at this time there is no plan in place to offer payday loans.

I am a veteran and federal employee that has had direct deposit with USAA for years now. The lack of reassurance with this shutdown is unnerving and really is the last straw.  Meanwhile, Navy FCU and my agency's credit union have issued assistance for federal employees within a day of the shutdown.  As soon as I can I will be switching all my banking to my savings account with NFCU and leaving the USAA accounts dormant.