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Does USAA honor shared branching


Hey @Has 2014! Can you share with me a little more of what you are looking to do? I would like to provide you the most accurate information ~ Sam 

What the OP is asking, is if a USAA account holder can go to a non-USAA financial institution, and still receive services for their USAA account.  For example:  the OP is nowhere near a USAA ATM, location, etc., but is near the 1st National Bank of Metropolis, does USAA have a deal with 1stNBM or any other financial instititution, where the OP can withdraw funds, or get a balance inquirty, etc.  This is a common practice with credit unions.  I often visit a RBFCU to make withdrawals on an account hosted by a credit union with no in-state presence.

@sum_guy, Our ATM cards are able to be used at any ATM. You are not limited to using only USAA ATM's. See our ATM locator on our mobile app to find a location closest to you, or you may use any ATM.

If fee's are charged due to using an ATM out of network, we issue automatic refunds for ATM fee's up to $15 monthly. 

You may also use the debit feature of the card for a cash advance if you use another bank for teller services. 

As for balance inquiries, etc, you are also able to view your account activity, balance and many other features using our free mobile app. 

For more assistance with your checking account features and services. Contact a Deposit Specialist at 210-531-8722. ~ Lori C