Is there a way to separate savings into different "folders" or accounts to help save for specific items. For example: general savings, savings for new car, savings for vacation. Just wondering if this is available already and I just haven't figured it out. If it's not available, seems like it would be a cool idea.


Nate101 - That is a great suggestion, but not currently an option. We have shared your comments for review in future enhancements to our site. Thanks for helping us improve. - Jason

This was posted over a year ago. I'm interested in the exact same feature. Any progress?

Hello @RCPJ, There is a couple things that come to mind in regards to that question. Many members have success with opening multiple savings for different purposes. You can nickname them and even hide them from view. I am not certain I understand what you mean by folders. On you can group your accounts and either choose to view them or hide them.  So there is a way to categorize and customize. Our Web support team would be able to guide you if needed. They can be reached by calling 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for " Tech Support" I do hope this helps you reach all your goals. ~ Suzy

I am also interested in this feature,


To clarify what I mean and what I beleive the previous posters mean. Instead of creating a new savings account for individual things (aka new car, summer vacation, winter vacation) Could we instead simply "seperate" the money in a single account into folders or catagories. It would in it's most basic form be simply a lable or sub folder with a nickname that you can attach a value to, and ideally something you can track and create goals for. 


Here is an example. Say I have $5000 in savings account A. I want to split that money into catagories. Say $3000 in "General", $1000 in "New Car", and $1000 in "Vacation". It would allow us to visualize and save for different things on a single or few accounts. The money would all be in a single account and accesible like normal, it would simply be labels (preferably trackable) that you can "sort" the money into. This way I can allocate savings without making a new account each an every time. This will work best when saving for something that is short term or unlikely to occur again, thus making opening a new account too much of a hassle.


One more exmple/reason for this. I want to save for a baby since my wife is pregnant. I would like to save for baby items (crib, car seat, furniture, etc.) I would also like to save for medical expenses specific to this. I would also like to create another accoutn for the babies college/life fund. I would currently need to create 3 new accounts, two of which will be gone in 9 months just to track these specific savings. A way to label my exsisting savings would allow me to label my account while i need to track this and then remove the labels when I am done. 


The implementation of this I would leave to you but even just a "dumb" lable that I have to manually change would be nice. A way to allocate amounts on my automatic transfers and withdrawals would be even better. AKA $200 Deposit transfer, $100 into "General", $50 into "New Car", $50 into "Vacation".

Hi @JimBobert! What a great idea! I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this idea along with the benefits. We are always looking for ways to improve our member experiences and remain competitive, so I will be submitting your suggestion to the appropriate team for review! Please keep the feedback/suggestions coming! We appreciate you! ~ Samantha

I've been looking into this for the past year as well! Any idea as to whether this will be able to be implemented in the near future? 

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. At this time we do not have the availability to sort your savings account into separate folders. However we do offer the option to renew the account so you can identify it as general savings, savings for new car, savings for vacation. To nickname your USAA savings account please go to Account Summary page then:

  1. Click the Nickname link at the top.
  2. Type the name.

Thank you and I hope this information helps!