Send Money with Zelle Not Working With Samsung S10e

I have been using Send Money with Zelle since USAA introduced it on the app. I live in Germany, but obviously have a US Account with USAA, and it has always worked just fine with my Samsung S7. I recently upgraded my phone to an S10e, and have a work phone that is an S8.

Send with Zelle does not work on either phone. I only get the message "Unable to initiate a Send Money transaction." I tried it on my old S7, and it still worked fine. I have cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reallowed all permissions. Nothing. Still getting the error.

I have seen in the threads that this has been an ongoing issue with many since August 2017. This needs to be fixed.



@Frosty124, I regret to hear about the trouble experienced with trying to use Zelle with your updated phone. Please contact our Technical Support Team at 1-877-632-3003 or 00-800-632-30220 from Germany. Technical Support is available from 6 a.m. - midnight CT 7 days a week. Thank you. - Rhonda