First, i like to say that i am very satisfied with having found USAA. It has help me quite a bit in regaining a better credit score. But with that being said, i have come into several obstacles when it comes to getting help from them in regard to my secured credit card. I feel a bit like a second class citizen as you really have to go through hoops just to get anywhere. As i said, it has helped me greatly but that department seem a bit confused when you ask them about increasing your deposit as it was promised that you could. 

My first call after i have had my card and enjoy the advantages it brings was about a month or so after i started using my card and came to the conclusion that this was a great product. I called and it was a bit annoying just trying to get to the right department only to be told that they were putting anything to do with the secured card on hold. I could keep using it but for now it was going to some changes.  I held on for a couple more months and called again. This time is that the information i got was incorrect that it would take 180 days from receiving my card to be able to add to my deposit. So here again i waited and here it is 6 months and a couple weeks later and i was told again that i did receive the wrong information and i would have to get a second card but he was not sure if I could do that.  That's when i asked for a supervisor and was put on hold only to be hanged up on 10 minutes later.  So yes, very disappointed but hoping to salvage this as i rather stick with this card than go with another bank.  


@Bootsoldier, we are sorry to hear about the difficulty you have experienced when contacting us.  I will certainly forward this to be further reviewed.  Can you advise exactly what you were wanting to do with the account?  We want to be sure we help you in the best way possible.  ~JM


It's quite a simple problem from where i sit. I was told that i could add more money to my Secured credit card (Amex card) to help build up my credit score. Then was told no. Then was told i could only do it in 6 months. Now being told that i can't do it at all but i can apply for yet another card and fund it the same way i did my first card.  I don't see the point in it. Very disappointed.  It help me go from 535 to a 650 credit score and for that i am very grateful but the hassle to simply add $400 to the card so that my spending limit can be reported is getting nowhere.

Thanks for quick reply.


@Bootsoldier, I can understand that!  We usually do allow limit increases with deposits to the CD account tied to the secured credit card. However, we are in the process of upgrading our secured cards which has put a small hold on this feature.  It will become available soon; however we do not have a date to provide as to when that would be. 

So i guess my credit score will be on hold till then at where it is right now. 

I guess i have to get another bank's secured card.