I claimed bankruptcy earlier this year. I want to improve my credit by applying for your secured American Express card. Will having a bankruptcy on my report keep me from getting this secured credit card?


@Stanton88, I understand the decision to file bankruptcy is never an easy one. A Secured Credit Card is a great tool to help rebuild or establish credit history. Applying for the secure card is an option, however I am not able to determine whether or not your recent filing will prevent your application from being approved, as we are not a credit agency. 

The application is able to be processed quickly and easily from the Products tab on our website.

I also recommend enrolling in our FREE Credit Monitoring service. located in the same area on our products tab, to help you manage your credit. 


Additionally, as a member you have the benefits of financial advice from our licensed Financial Advisors. Give them a call at 210-531-8722 when you have time for a financial review.


Welcome to the USAA family, we look forward to assisting you with your Banking, Insurance, Investment and Life Insurance needs. Have a great holiday weekend! ~ Lori