Hello - I was approved for a secured VISA CD account this morning.  I paid the security deposit of $250  with funds from my USAA checking account.  How long does it take for the CD account to be funded and the card mailed out?  I was not given the opportunity to choose expidited delivery it automatically said Regular Mail (7-10 business days)



@Kendallynne Howard, congratulations on your new credit card! I will be more than happy to review your card status! Please send us a private message so that I can look into this for you. To send us a private message, you will need to first enable messages. To do this, please click on your username at the top right hand corner of the member community page and select -> my settings -> tun on private messages -> save. Then to send us a message click on your username again and select the envelope icon and select 'send a message'. Hope to hear from you soon! ~ Samantha 

I have enjoyed my Card for almost 2 years now. It open the door for me to get a few more credit cards. I to have the $250.00 limit and it helped me balance my credit usage.   I am a little confused about what to do when my 2 years is up.  Can I keep my CD and the card open if I want to? or can I just keep the CD open?

Hello. We are so glad to hear that the secured credit card has allowed you access to additional credit card opportunities. When the 2 years are up the CD will automatically renew and the secured credit card will remain open. If you close the CD, the secured credit card will also have to be closed. They have to remain together since the CD is collateral for the secured credit card. Please let me know if you have additional questions and we're happy to assist you.