The secured USAA credit card I got many years ago to build my credit is no longer offered, and you cannot get credit limit increases by depositing more money into the CD anymore. Can this account be converted to a traditional line of credit without closing the existing account and opening a new account? It is my oldest card and the only one I had for many years. I do not wish to destroy my average account age by closing it and getting a brand new card.


@Maravia, we are not able to convert a secured account into any other type of account. The best option would be to apply for a new credit card.  You can always keep the secured card open since it is the longest card for your credit history. 

Please see my post where I have been trying to get USAA to fix this issue for 6 years:

USAA: once again thank you for that cannned response. I would appreciate a call back from someone, preferably from the CEO's office whom I have spoken with before on this issue. I have been promised a call back for weeks now. What can't you understand about what you members are saying?!?? This NEEDS to get fixed!!!

The link in your message is broken. It appears the system redacted some of the information.

My hope was to also free up the money sitting in the CD for the last 7 years.  I think its made 34$ in that time. 

Tonight is the last straw...I am a 15+ year member and a grandson of a late Ret. AF Colonel who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. One of his lasting legacies was to pass on the value of a USAA membership. Over the last 6 years I have been trying to get USAA to address and correct the unfair issue they have with regards to the USAA Secured Credit Card not being able to graduate and the only option is closing it after you have a been approved for unsecured card, thus hurting you credit because your closing the oldest credit line. Today, after 6 months of them not returning my phone calls, emails, posts here, I get a letter in my documents and my latest posts here DELETED. The letter below is so inaccurate and unacceptable that I have no other choice but to systematically start leaving USAA. I'll move my banking to my local credit union, which by the way offers better rates than USAA does for interest on checking and savings, oh also by the way on mortgage products too (3.375% for a 30 year)! The last thing for me to move will be my Auto, but trust me, I will move it! USAA is not the personal company it used to be. WHAT A SHAME.unnamed - 2019-09-06T210124.936.jpg