Scheduled transactions on joint bank accounts


18 year member with multiple accounts. My newest account is a joint checking account with my spouse. For years, I have balanced my budget with the "Scheduled Transactions" feature of USAA accounts to manage due dates and changed amounts of all my bills. I thought this would be great for a joint account, help with transparency and show what we need for bills. After setting all this up on the new account, I found out my spouse was unable to see all this information under "Scheduled Tranactions" and was only able to see "Bill Pay" scheduled payments...but why one and not both..?


After speaking to a representiive (very helpful), she advised me that "Scheduled Tranactions" are profile specific. So my spouse, could, in theory, make purchases without knowing a bill is scheduled to come out and send us into overdraft. Since "Bill Pay" transactions are already transparent to both parties on the account, why not just finish the transparency to add in "Scheduled Transactions" to joint accounts??


Hello seric92, That's a wonderful suggestion, I will pass it along to our team to consider for future enhancements. We also have an area for members to post their creative suggestions. if you'd like to now, or in the future. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori

I have suggested this as well before. It would make it useful to have these features so both individual can have a true value of what is safe to spend
USAA, I believe this should be a high priority release. The complexity should not be that difficult to extend to the joint owner as well. Truly feature in its self is one of my favorites and the only issue is that my spouse or joint cant see the same.

So lets push forward and make it great USAA.


Hi batman23 - I've provided your feedback about the Scheduled Transactions to our group to review in future enhancements. Thanks for taking the time to provide it. - Cathleen

I've been a USSA member for 21 years with multiple accounts. I could not have stated the case to make Scheduled Transactions available to both profiles on a Joint Account better than seric92.  That, and I agree with batman23 that this should be a high priority enhancement.  Frankly, I was surprised and perplexed to hear from my wife that Scheduled Transactions are not available to both profiles on a joint account.  The level of effort to make such an enhancement should be little, relatively speaking.  

Hello Seric92, thank you for your question. The Scheduled Transaction feature is not something that can currently be shared between account holders, but that is a great suggestion! I will forward your feedback to the appropriate area for review. In the meantime, if the joint account holder is enrolled in the Money Manager tool under their profile on and you have delegated access to your bills, they can manually enter them under their USAA profile to keep track. Please let us know if you would like assistance with how to manually enter bills so they reflect in the scheduled transaction area. I do hope this helps. ~Suzy

I really would like to see this too. My wife and I were just trying to turn on the feature on her iPhone, but we can't find that option anywhere. My research brought me here and now I see that it's impossible. We really want a true joint account where we both have the same privileges. Please please please get this feature released ASAP!

Starfox8, each member on a joint account has equal privileges. However, for bill payments, each member has their own billpay. You can share this with each other by delegating access. To do this, log into and click on the pay bills option from the My Tools link.  Then to the right of the bill payment page, you will see a list under "Account Services" > click on Update access to My Bills. This will allow you to grant access to your spouse and her to you through each other's logins.  For iphone, click on the option for the bill pay > Menu (upper right section) > allow others access to my bills.  This should eliminate the issue of not seeing each others payments and bills.  Hope this helps.

My husband and I would like to be able to see manually entered transactions that each other makes.  My husband travels a lot for work, we aren't always able to let each other know if we've scheduled a withdrawal or have written a check.  We are both surprised that this feature is not available.