I have been reading a lot of posts regarding samsung pay. It's finally been released today and still no Samsung Pay. USAA was quick to accept Apple Pay. Due diligence should've have been done just like you did with Apple Pay so we could begin using Samsung Pay upon release. When will it be available?


You won't get a reply. But you are right. They ways no time getting on board with apple pay. But nothing yet on samsung pay, which is set to go live tomorrow. It's superior to Apple and android pay. Way to go usaa.
It took them a few weeks to support Apple Pay, it wasn't immediate.
Been with USAA the better part of a decade. I won't leave USAA if support isn't soon and very soon. But I will reevaluate who I will bank with primarily.
Please bring Samsung Pay support asap.
Here some good reads.. What's the difference between Android Pay and Samsung Pay? Given the choice, should I use Android Pay or Samsung Pay? As you can see more banks and may stores already support Android Pay already..
Thank you all for sending in questions and feedback. I can assure you that each of your comments have been shared with our mobile payments team. At this time, USAA is not supporting Samsung Pay. The team is constantly evaluating new mobile payment system technologies that provide security and value for our members. Thanks again for posting.

Its ridiculous for them to have no timeline on this. I have been having a lot of problems with USAA being able to read my checks lately, and was thinking of closing my accounts and going to a traditional bank but decided to stick with them. Now I am not so sure, if by the end of October they still do not support Samsung Pay I will definitely take my business elsewhere.

Thank you all for your feedback. I will continue to share all of your comments with out mobile banking team.

please add samsung pay. Also why am i not able to use my usaa credit cards with android pay? It says it is supposed to work. As it stands I am applying for a credit card that will work with samsung pay for the convenience and added security.