USAA its 2016, Where is the SAMSUNG PAY Partnership? As a loyal customer, I feel like this collaboration would be beneficial for both parties. GET IT TOGETHER!!! 


I, as well as many other USAA members, have a Samsung mobile phone. I have not been able to use the Samsung Pay application due to being a loyal USAA member. I have also been a loyal Samsung customer for many years. I do not see this changing. But Samsung Pay has been a huge innovation added to many peoples life that I should be able to experience as well. Please let me know why this is not a function that a USAA member cannot have made available. Tom Tolman


There is another post that is 40 pages long. do a search and you will find your answer, not a good one though.

I don't like the answer so we are bringing it to the surface for some more fresh air.
It's time USAA. It's time. 6 months of Samsung Pay and still no support. Apple Pay was supported almost immediately. I should be able to opt in to the program at this point. Or do I have to open a new bank account elsewhere for our spending?
I'm in agreement here. Half a year is a significant amount of time. Not only has there been so support, but almost nothing in response to anything anyone posts.

We are actively working to make Samsung Pay available by the end of the year.We understand the importance of this service for our members-as has been shared by you all here in the community (we truly appreciate all of your comments and feedback). We thank you for your patience during this process and I assure you that we will share more details as they become available.


Thank you all again for your feedback, comments and most of all for your patience.

Had Has there been any update on rather or not USAA will be available for Samsung Pay?
Samsung pay has been live for 6 months now, I am opting to use it. My bank should not be the reason I am unable to do so.
Why does USAA not allow use of Debit Cards with Android Pay? Only credit cards from USAA are currently allowed. Is there a time frame, or is this a permanent thing?