Request debit cards for shared checking; cancel existing debit card

Beth's banking

I have two other people who share my banking accounts with USAA. I would like to order debit cards for all of us. My shared checking account has one debit card already issued which has never worked (PIN), and I want to cancel that card so to start over. How do I accomplish this?


Hello @Beth's banking, Debit cards can be requested via phone at 210-531-8722 or via secure online chat 24/7 by selecting ASK USAA near the top of your checking account page.

If you choose to use the chat feature, please ensure your mailing address you'd like the cards delivered to are current/accurate by reviewing on your checking "account details" page.

You can inform the chat deposit specialist that the current address reflecting on your account, is the one you'd like to use when you initiate your request. 

They can also look into if there is already a card issued and what might be causing it to not function for you. Thanks for your membership & enjoy your weekend. ~ Lori C