Regarding USAA credit card scanner vulnerability


People carry cards that have RFID, magnetic strip, or chips embedded into their cards for interface with Pumps, check-out registers, and other credit reading devices.  Only RFID enabled cards are vulnerable to bad people with scanners.  Chips in USAA cards require physical contact to be read.  They are NOT RFID.  They do have magnetic strips.  These magnetic strips require the scanner to be close, as in a small fraction an inch.  So, our cards are not subject to being read through our wallets as is occasionally suggested in the media.  Obviously, any card use is a potential risk, just like using a personal check and close attention is always required.  USAA should make a discussion about card vulnerability a searchable topic for a better informed customer, because your very nice people answering the telephone do not know this.  


@PAFB, thank you for reaching out and for your RFID information. I am going to send this feedback along to the appropriate dept. Thank you again!   ~Tom