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Like you, I am a Government employee who USAA is failing to support.  In the previous shutdown, USAA offered to do payroll advance to keep the Federal employees going until the government could be opened up.  Sadly, as with so many businesses these days, the service we came to expect from USAA appears to be a thing of the past.  FYSA, Pentagon Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union are both doing payroll advance.   I am unsure if you can join during the shutdown and have any expectation of this policy being honored.  

Good luck and I am sorry for your trouble. 


@Joe1965, We regularly evaluate our offerings to ensure we’re providing members with products and services that meet their needs. Given the reality of recurring or potentially prolonged government shutdowns, we redesigned our loan product that offers increased flexibility and extended repayment options for affected members. We will continue to evaluate this product offering against member value to help ensure it serves its purpose of easing the financial hardship that can result from a government shutdown and interruption in pay. ~DC