Re: Feature request: implement "instant" account alerts on credit accounts

Not Implemented

I would also like this feature. If that's not an option for USAA, then I would recommend that you allow the Visa Purchase Alerts system the ability to do it.


I tried to sign up for this and it tells me that:

Your financial institution offers a similar alerts service so this Card is not eligible for Visa Purchase Alerts. Please contact your financial institution to learn more about their service.  


I would say that my financial institution doesn't offer something similar and that I would love to enroll in this.  Can USAA change their "status" on this so that we can sign up for these?  As stated by other members, I have this on other cards and it's very handy but also has stopped fraud instantly because I've had my CC number stolen and I caught the very first purchase.  Before I had this another CC was used for a day and racked up almost $1500 in fradulent activity before it was caught.  I would think this would save USAA alot of money and probably time too.


@NotImplemented, we appreciate your feedback and will certainly submit this for review.  We always consider member feedback on our product and services.  Thank you.