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You send me a request for information and instruct me to search for UPLOAD instructions to submit the information requested.  When doing so I find no UPLOAD link and only complaints about your bogus uploading and delivery process.  Where can I find the UPLOAD link?  


The information requested was for my sister's account removal and you want her signature but as I explained to your help desk that she passed.  But the nitwit did not understand what passing means and said she must sign to surrender all rights to the account.  


Its bad enough to loss a yonger sister, but USAA just piles it on and on.   And why go through this when your own instructions states if the account balance is ZERO it will be closed.  THE ACCT BALANCE IS ZERO - CAN YOU JUST PLEASE SIMPLY CLOSED IT OUT!




Showleather, We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister! We know that can be a heavy thing to deal with and we apologize for making this process any more difficult then it needs to be.  I am going to engage an account expert to review this further and help you get this resolved. 

In the meantime, to answer your question about the upload option, once you are on the website if you select the My Tools option > Send documents to USAA (should be under the Transfer column in drop down box) > follow instructions.  Hope this helps.