Is there a way to download transactions into QuickBooks?


@jralang, please log into USAA.com and follow these steps - 

1.      Select the deposit account. 

2.      To extend the section, select I Want To located on the right side. 

3.      Select Download Account Activity

4.      Select the applicable Quicken product. 

5.        Follow the instructions to download the deposit account activity.


Hope this helps! :) ~ Sam 

First is was Jan, then Feb...well it's June 2019....no Quickbooks integration. So what's the update? All other major banking institutinos have this feature and USAA has signed a deal to integrate the API as per your own press release. So?! Forgive the rudeness but it has become more than inconvienient. 

@abomb97, we do not have an update to provide and apologize for any inconvenience.  I am happy to submit this feedback on your behalf.