Quick Logon stopped working with new iPhone, cannot reenroll


I use the iPhone app with Quick Logon (Touch ID). When I got a new iPhone 8, the Touch ID function stopped working. When I attempt to toggle on Quick Logon in Settings, it just spins awhile and doesn't turn on. Under Touch ID, it says "not enrolled" and it is greyed out. (I have Touch ID turned on on my iPhone and it works for other apps.)


I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app.


I have called Tech Support. They took my information and gave me a ticket number, but then told me that I would have to call back to get more information. 


I recall that this happened to me before when I got a new iPhone. After spending much time on the phone with Tech Support, they figured out how to fix it.


I have read several posts on this community site where other members have had the same problem.


So here is my request: Please post the steps to fix this problem in response to my post. The real fix, not the lazy responses I've seen in response to other members who have raised this issue. I've followed the general instructions for enabling Quick Logon posted elsewhere on USAA's site. It didn't work, so don't point me again to those instructions. Also, unless absolutely necessary, don't advise me to call Tech Support. I've already done that and I don't have endless hours to spend on the phone. 


Thanks in advance.



Hello JDC3, I do apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. All website issues are handled via our Website Support Team via phone, they can be reached at 210-531-8722. If their assistance helps resolve the issues you've experienced, I encourage you to add those steps and details within the member forum, if you'd like. Have a great weekend! ~ Lori C