Been a member for a long time. Am very happy with USAA.
Have checking, savings and insurance with USAA.
Applied for a cc about a year ago (2017), but turned down because I had a bankruptcy in 2012. Am thinking about buying a new car next year (2019), and am thinking of applying for a new car loan at that time, but dont want to apply if it will be an automatic no for that reason alone.
I am trying to plan for Oct 2019.

My question is: does USAA have a flat "no" policy for new credit if you have a bankruptcy on your credit?
I read other posts, but they were mostly angry at how USAA treated them after they filed. I had no problems, but I also had no credit with usaa when I filed so it didnt affect them. So, my relationship is in good standing, full membership privileges, etc.
I am not looking for a credit "decision" with this post. There are many other reasons a person may be turned down for credit, and I am not releasing my full credit history in this post. I just want to know if a bankruptcy is an auto no. As in, you may or may not be approved with one (based on other facors) - or - even with otherwise perfect credit it will always be a no.


@EmLou, I understand that you are thinking about buying a new car next year, and I would like to thank you for considering USAA to finance the loan. We consider many factors when reviewing applications for credit, such as credit profile, ability to repay debt and payment history. There is no single factor that will result in a denial. You can learn more about USAA auto loans here: https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/bank-loan-auto-main. ~DC