Why does it take so long to transfer funds between my USAA account and my linked non-USAA account? Isn't the purpose for linking accounts to facilitate quicker transactions?


@AgitatedInUtah, we can understand the frustration.  Because the transfer between banks needs to be processed, it will take anywhere from 1-3 business days to post.  The best way for immediate transfers is using the Zelle feature.  This allows for immediate tranfsfers between accounts and/or banks, free of charge. 

I understand that there are alternatives to paying others, but why have members link their non-USAA accounts in the first place if it doesn't benefit them to do so? I conceed the possibility that I may be unaware of the possible benefits, but I had assumed that the expedited or even immediate transfer of funds between my accounts, regardless of where they are, was the primary benefit of linking accounts.

Hello @AgritatedInUtah, some members chose to add an external account to their funds transfer list for transfers that they do often. This allows for recurring transfers to be set up. -Colleen

Thank you for pointing that out to me Colleen. However, while that is insightful, it doesn't clarify my confusion. The process of linking external accounts is somewhat extensive in order to verify ownership of the non-USAA account. With that kind of accountability, why does the process of transfering funds from my USAA account to my linked non-USAA account take longer than it would between USAA accounts?

I do apologize for any misunderstanding @AgitatedInUtah. From my understanding you are asking why it takes longer to transfer funds to an external bank when the account is added online. The reason for this is that this type of transfer is an ACH. It can take 2-3 business days for an ACH transfer to credit an external bank. -Colleen