Profoundly sexist and unacceptable behavior from USAA Staff member


Today I talked to a member of the USAA Debit Fraud and Dispute Staff, who went by the name "Diego."  What I witnessed on that call left me speechless and furious.


Diego repeatedly blamed me for errors on an ongoing dispute. These errors related to the dispute being filed under Credit, not Debit. I explained multiple times that it was not possible for me to have marked the dispute as "Credit," as I have no way to do so on the user end, and that I had uploaded my documents from the link provided in my checking account - which is clearly part of "Debit"


During my explainations, Diego talked over me and interrupted me multiple times. He clearly had zero respect and base human care for what I had to say. 

It quickly became clear that this was due to the fact that I am female. The entire call, it was clear that he considered listening to me to be a favor he extended to me, one that he could (and did) retract at any time.


I put up with him deliberately interrupting me and talking over me in four separate instances before I adopted his speech patterns and began to talk right back over him as well, once it became clear he had no interest in letting me speak or intention of letting me finish what I had to say. As soon as I did this, he became audibly upset and snapped "Actually, I wasn't finished talking"


At that point, I informed him that I would not tolerate his treatment of me, and that he needed to correct his behavior towards me (and presumably other women as well) if he wanted to continue to interact with me. He continued to talk over me, at which point I uttered an expletive due to my extreme frustration and I ended the call.


While I understand that USAA is HQ'd in San Antonio, Texas, and men commonly like to treat women as objects instead of people in that state, this was absolutely unacceptable behavior. I had the right to be treated as a human being and listened to with base human courtesy. It has been years since I have been so blatantly disrespected, and I will not stand for it.


Get your act together, USAA. This was gross, disgusting, and utterly surprising. It's 2019. It isn't that hard to employ someone who treats a woman as an actual human being.






Goodness @Bronxe5, I do appreciate you reaching out to us to share these concerns. I was able to locate your profile and will share with a subject matter expert for further review. Once reviewed, they will contact you. We do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

I would like to mention that the associate I spoke to prior to reaching Diego was utterly fantastic, and that agent (whse name I did not catch) went above and beyond to help me. I assume Diego was an isolated case.