Matt O'Malley
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I need help. The calls to USAA have been unproductive. I am told it is a "back office issue" and there is nothing they can do on the phone? 


I opened a new checking account. I added my wife as well. Following that, identity verification was needed for my wife who is a new USAA member.



--Her Social Security number, as well as a marriage certificate, was provided.   


--She is keeping her last name, all documents provided listed her current last name, yet her last name is listed "on screen" as if she took my last name.


--When speaking with the representatives on the phone they can see both her real last name and her name with my last name. 


--When I go to the check order system it gives me the option to order checks with both her last name and my last name. 


--USAA has requested address verification, we supplied a letter from the utility company, and that was not sufficient so USAA asked for a lease? Why would my wife need a lease to live with me?



To resolve this issue we need the following:

1) My wife would like to verify her identity in some way other than signing a lease with her husband. 

2) She would like to have her name consistent throughout USAA and not have two names. 

3) She would like to use her checking account. 



Thank you for any assistance you can provide.  


Hello @Matt O'Malley, I do understand your concerns and wanting to have your wife's identity cleared. Unfortunately in social media we are unable to assist with this issue. You can call 800-280-5836 with any questions and they can assist you. -Colleen

This number was helpful but my issue was not resolved. Would it be possible to escalate to a higher level of support? This verification is clearly not going as planned and there is nothing more we can do. Should we simply leave USAA?

@Matt O'Malley, I will forward your concerns to the appropriate area for review. ~ Samantha 

Thank you!

@Matt O'Malley, after further review, we are unable to provide additional assistance. We will need you to contact us at 800-280-5836 for assistance. ~ Samantha 

We have called that number several times.


Each time we are told that "someone" in the "back office" needs to review documents. Its been 10 days...a truly awful experience. 


Do you have any other solutions to this problem? This issue remains unresolved.  

@Matt O'Malley, as previously stated, we are unable to provide additional assistance. I do apologize for your experience and will submit this feedback on your behalf. ~ Samantha 

So you are saying we should cancel two checking accounts, two auto policies, four property policies, two credit cards, three child savings accounts, two auto loans, a roth IRA, a traditional IRA, and a brokerage account and go to a different bank? 


Have you ever heard of a bank...or any entity...asking for a lease from the wife to prove residency when the husband confirms she lives in the residence?


Most importantly I am extremely surprised and deeply disappointed that no one in the entire bank can help. This is bizarre. 



Hello Matt O'Malley, when asking for a proof of residency and a lease is mentioned as an example, it is meaning that if you all rent your residence to provide a lease that has both of your names listed on the lease agreement. We do not want to lose your business but we do need to verify every member. Thank you. -Marisa