I can’t figure out what’s going on, I think I almost bounced a check, I wrote one for my daughters school but apparently there were lots of pending charges, funny because the charges SHOW that they are deducted from the account while they are pending, but ever so often it happens that charges go through that weren’t accounted for yet. Anyways I noticed the same day that my account balance was low so I transferred from my savings. The next day I showed a positive $25 NSF rev check paid and nothing else. I haven’t seen the check charges yet, there’s been money in the account since the same day but I can’t figure out why I have this positive nsf fee.


Thank you for reaching out, @JJ271. I understand your concerns and I'm sorry to hear of the issues you experienced with your account. Due to security and privacy issues, we are not able to provide account specifics via social media. We do have Account Specialist who can assist you via chat. To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select Ask USAA or Reach a Representative near the top of your account page or select Chat from the Contact Us options under Help tab. Tricia