Have been paying credit card in full by check, but this month paid in advance by electronic transfer from my bank. Tried to use card and told card rejected. Confirmed by bank funds paid as instructed. Called USAA and told funds on hold for 3 days SINCE I PAID ELECTRONICALLY for the first time. Even after calling and informing them payment wasvalid, and they confirmed receipt, still can't use my card for next three days. Lucky I have AMEX.,


@Williamsburg, I understand that you have concerns about a credit card payment hold, and I'm happy to provide an explanation. USAA is committed to balancing the financial well-being of account holders and the financial strength of the association. To achieve this balance, USAA employs risk management practices as protection from exposure to millions of dollars in risk, including potential losses related to non-settlement of payment transactions. I regret any inconvenience this payment hold may have caused. ~DC