Up North MN
For months I have put my 19 year olds check in my Usaa account then transferred it into his USAA account to avoid the hold funds on his new account. This week having to use Zelle, his check has gone to another bank to an old account that has been closed for months. Usaa referred us to Zelle customer service who after over 2 hour and 3 reps (all outsourced India I'm guessing). Very frustrating talking with people I have trouble understanding and don't seem to understand me. Long and short of it is within 7 to 10 days it should be resolved, this is unacceptable $800 unavailable for holiday weekend and possible up to 2 weeks business days with the 4th being next week. The transfer used to take 4 or 5 mins before Zelle. Please get rid of this outsourced service.


Hello Up North MN, I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've had with Zelle. In using this service there is a registration to determine which account you prefer to be used for the payment delivery account.

From the scenario you provided, if you are depositing to your USAA account then transferring to your sons USAA account, there is no need to use Zelle. Zelle is for sending to someone who doesn't bank with USAA or for someone who is not yet on your transfer funds list.


To add your son to your transfer fund list please select Add Account from My Tools under Transfer options. Transferring to another USAA account using the Transfer Funds option via app or website, will result in immediate funds availability. If you have any additional questions, please let me know. ~ Lori

This is not entirely correct. My brother has a USAA account and I have a USAA account. He sent me $500 and had to tranfer it through Zelle, there was no way around it. Because I had not registered yet, it took 10 days for me to see funds. Totally unacceptable.

JGarza, I can understand the frustration with this; however, now that you are register transfers should happen for you more quickly. Additionally, please keep in mind that if all parties have a USAA account then you can set up your accounts using funds transfer feature and it is not necessary to transfer funds through Zelle. ~Michelle

Last night I called in to USAA to find out how to do the transfer as I am not on his account. Before Zelle the USAA app would use his contact information from my phone to complete the transfer. I was told that now Zelle has been added that it was the way to make transfers. We both sat down and set up the Zelle accounts to our USAA accounts then did the transfer. Today with talking with Zelle, they merged with another company called Clear Exchange of which he had a transfer account with them to other said bank years ago. Zelle system didn't use the updated info from last night and mistakenly sent it to the old account. I asked them since they own both transfer services why they cannot fix the issue now since it still shows processing. The repeated answer is there is nothing they could do, we would just have to wait. My finally call today with USAA I was making progress towards a solution but unfortunately got disconnected. I called back for a landline trying to get to the same Rep but couldn't get back to that Rep. After hours it trying to solve this issue I didn't want to start over with a 6th person and 4 hours of phone time. My son has decided that if this can't be resolved by next thurs he will change to a local bank. I won't use Zelle again, their customer service is poor and I do not like dealing with outsourced call centers.

Thank you for the additional information and feedback Up North MN. I will ensure it reaches the appropriate department. ~ Lori

Wow. That was a complete blow off if I've ever heard or seen one...

guy's I think the rep is being as nice as they can considering it is user error and nothing to do with USAA.  It's pretty darn simple. the USER sets up which account the money gets deposited in, not USAA. I hate when people blame others for their own ignorance.  And once the recipient registers with Zelle it transfers almost immediatly.  I think it's an awesome service, sure beats wire transfer fees or waiting 3-5 business days for an electronic transfer!  The saddest part is the OP doesn't even know you don't even have to use Zelle to transfer between USAA accounts! 

Where is the my tools tab?

Hi Iron_mk, Go to the main usaa.com page after you log in. You should see a "Tools" tab at the top of the page. - Ben