Please Discontinue Zelle for your USAA Members!


I do NOT like Zelle, and I think USAA should stop its use for their members.  I attempted a transfer to my sister, and I received a message that the "send" failed to complete, only to find out that the transaction had went through twice!  USAA could not reverse one of the transactions, and told me to call Zelle.  Zelle, then referred me back to USAA, only to have USAA tell me it could take 1-5 business days to reverse/dispute the charges.  I've been a member with USAA for more than 20 years now, and I found this to be unacceptable!  Get rid of Zelle NOW!


magnolia88 I have replied to your other post regarding the issue with Zelle. ~Michelle

I agree.

If you thought you were at all alone in this(which I doubt), here is my Zelle thread. We need to push for a USAA member-wide survey on Zelle. Many of my friends and I have had countless issues with Zelle. Mine has gone on for a more than a month now without more than a "we're looking into it."