Please Allow Product Changes on Credit Cards


I wasn't exactly sure how to leave feedback, but I just wanted to give a suggestion to please allow product changes on Credit Cards.


I have the old Amex Cash Back with you and wanted to change it to the Amex Preferred Cash Back but was told this wasn't possible, and I would just have to apply for the new one.  This would take a Hard Pull of my credit, and change my Average Age of Accounts.  I would also want to close the old one since it would never get used when I got the new one, and it is actually my oldest account.


Would be much better for me to just Product Change the old to the new, don't really care if you have to hard pull me, but I don't like having a lot of cards and don't want to close my oldest account AND get a new account which will bork my Average Age of Accounts.


Also, I would want to Product Change my Visa Preferred Cash Back to the Limitless card when it rolls out to my state.  I wouldn't want to have to apply for the new one and close the old one.


Couldn't be happier with USAA, but this is one thing I wish you'd consider.  Almost all other major CC issuers allow product changes for the exact reasons I would want one stated above.





Hi tripto, thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback regarding credit card product changes. Your feedback is valuable to us as we strive to provide products and services to meet our members' needs. I am sharing your comments with our product management team for review and consideration. We appreciate your membership and loyalty. Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can ever be of any assistance. -Meredith

This is a great suggestion. I recently contacted USAA about this as well and was advised that I would need to apply for a new card. I understand that differenct cards have different prcing but there should still be a trade off so this could be accomplished. Also, an additional hard inquiry is not the answer. 

Yes! I've been telling USAA this too. I do not understand why they cannot do a simple product change.
All the other major banks (AMEX, Chase, Discover, Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, etc) can do this, I don't see why USAA cannot do the same. 


Product Change helps your members out A LOT AND it will generates more money to USAA.

1. It lets members keep their credit history with the card.

2. No hard pull on the member's credit report = wont lower their credit score.

3. Prevents member's from "sock drawering" an old useless rewards card = generates swipe fees = MORE $$$ for USAA.


I think one of the reason USAA refuse to do product changes and wants members to apply for a new card is: It looks good in their quarterly reports when they see that new account has been opened.


USAA, Do not make the same mistake as Wells Fargo!!! Where all they cared about was seeing the number of accounts opened by customers. Focus less on what "looks good" on a report and focus more on what is "actually good" which is customer retention and long term profits. 

darvin1023 - Thank you for your suggestion regarding a product change. USAA is unable to convert your existing account to the Amex Preferred Cash Back because it would mean a change in the Terms and Conditions of your original agreement. The Credit Card Act of 2009, prohibits any changes to a card that will change the original Terms and Conditions of the card's contract accepted by the cardholder. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you - Tricia

Huh? Where does it that in the card act of 2009?

Doesn't banks change terms and conditions of a card all the time? Isn't that why they send out those notifications every now and then to customers?  And by using and signing the cardcard, the customer agrees to the new terms of conditions. If they do not agree to the new terms then their only option is to close the account.

darvin1023, I apologize for the confusion. We appreciate your feedback. We take feedback seriously and I will certainly share your concern with the appropriate area. Thanks for taking the time to provide your suggestions.

Darvin1023 comment sounds deadon... It would appear USAA does not want to support changes...  again, it would cost them money in making it easier for long term members to easily upgrade credit cards to latest offerings.

Zak4, we appreciate your post. We have submitted your feedback for review. However, at this time to upgrade to a different card, you would need to apply for a new card under our products tab online. Thanks, Jen

This is a complete and utter fabrication. Any other card issuer can do product changes with an easy and quick phone call. Please stop lying to your members, WE KNOW BETTER.