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I have received two phone calls in two weeks from an organization "Representing" USAA. The first thing they asked for was my member number. I asked if they were USAA or representing USAA, they verified the company "represents" USAA. I told them I only deal with USAA directly, hung up and immediately called USAA. The representative did not speak very good English and I don't believe understood the issue I was reporting. I was politely put on hold and then disconnected. This is certainly not the service I expect from USAA. The phone number that is calling looks like a USAA number (210-405-8722). Beware its not USAA, it's a scam. USAA please report this to fraud department.


I received call from this number also, did not feel right. They left message to call them back about Auto Policy. When i did a person picked up directly, no machine. They asked about my vehicle information, i told them i had already updated it online. Not sure how they knew my vehicle information.

Security Aware and SD4,


Thank you for sharing in Member Community.  We will look into this matter further.  I will have a business specialist follow up with both of you regarding your concerns.

The same keeps happening to me. Answered before and they seem phisy, so I hang up. They call all the time and never leave a message.


Phone Number (210) 405-8722


appears like USAA online, no caller ID, location on ID says 'San Antonio, TX"

SD4 and Security Aware,


I called the number you provided in your post and confirmed you were speaking with Professional Surveys, Inc (PSI) a trusted vendor with USAA for over 11 years.  PSI contacts members on our behalf to complete an auto survey to make sure we have the correct rating information prior to the auto policy renewal. Our goal is to make our members feel comfortable when speaking to PSI; therefore, for your convenience I have included the link to our FAQ’s section regarding PSI.  We direct our members here to learn more about PSI and our partnership. 


SD4 and Security Aware, I am providing your feedback to the appropriate department for further consideration as we want to ensure our vendors are clearly identifying themselves at the onset of each call.  Thank you for reaching out and sharing.

This is not a good idea to have these people call us. The message I received said to call back to discuss my auto insurance policy with them, and it sounded like it was USAA, not anyone conducting a survey.  It sounded "phishy," so I looked up the phone number and found that it was not a USAA number, although it used the same last four digits as the USAA customer service number, which seems like it's trying to trick us into calling the number. If this is legit, have them identify themselves properly, and not say they are with USAA, but rather who they actually are and that their purpose is to conduct a survey. I probably still won't want to talk to them, but I won't think of reporting them to the FCC.


Thank you for your feedback. I will ensure to share it with our Member Feedback teams. A USAA representative can review your policy if you would prefer. If so, please call us at 800-531-8722.

I received a call from USAA informing me that this Independent Representative Company would be calling to verify our household information.

I completely agree. Even if they've been "contracted" for several years, dones't make their business practices reputable. These people are phisy in nature and shouldn't represent USAA


This is the message transcript from the call I received:


"Hello, I'm calling on behalf of USAA. Please call us to review and update your auto policy information. Our number is 210-405-8722. We are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 10pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 2:30pm Eastern time. Thank you for trusting USAA with your business. Have a great day."


1. "On behalf" can be interpreted as being USAA.

2. No mention of a 3rd party company making this call.

3. To review and update my policy is to say that they have my policy information.

4. They share the same last four phone numbers as USAA "8722".

5. "Thank you for trusting USAA with your business" is something USAA would say, not a 3rd party.


There is every reason to believe that USAA, of which I've been a member for over 35 years, is using this 3rd party company for legitimate purposes. However, USAA is allowing this company to represent itself as USAA, and not the 3rd party company that it is. If they were to state "Hello, this is PSI, calling on behalf of USAA..." then perhaps your members would feel more comfortable in feeling this was legitimate.


This is phishing as far as I'm concerned and I would have expected something more secure from USAA. We don't know who PSI is or how they use our information, even if they claim to protect it.


Get rid of this 3rd party company. Do your own information gathering. We've trusted USAA for 35 years. Give us a reason for my family to trust them for another 35.