Hello,  How would I go about changing my card limit permanently?  So far I have only been able to change the limit for 48 hours.  Please advise.


Hello and thank you for your inquiry. I'm happy to assist you with your request. In order for us to assist you, your request will need to be processed via our secure chat channel. To receive the chat link we will need to send it to you via Private Message in the Member Community.


Please make sure you've enabled Private Messaging by doing the following: Select your username top right-hand corner of the Member Community page, My Settings, Turn on Private Messages >Save. (This will enable the envelope icon when you click on their username).


Next to send us a Private Message please do the following: Click on your username on the top right-hand-corner of the Mbr Comm page and select the envelope icon >Send a Message. We look forward to hearing back from you and thank you!