I've been with USAA happily for 7 years and I've never had an issue until my wife's company wrote a payroll check out of the wrong account. All my checks and hers previously have deposited instantly and entirely. We called in advanced and warned about the bad payroll check. It bounced. No big deal. Employer gave cash for check and 5 dollar bounce fee. But from now on all of the checks I deposit, including my weekly payroll are held for a week. They deposit 500$ but thats it. I had around $3000 in 2 different checks to deposit but did not after they held my first check. I want to know how this can be resolved and I can deposit instantly again because this is very important to me and is a deal breaker on my bank unfortunately. It's not like we wrote a bad check. We didnt make the mistake. How do I get back to a full instant mobile app deposit. Thank you

SGT Colby Wielkie
US Army