I was late on my last payment and my insurance was cancelled. I tried to make a payment and noticed the payment option wasnt available. I called and I was told my policy was cancelled. I said I understand, how do I get this issue resolved. They told me I would have to pay the full balance.!!!!!!!!! Who has the money to pay the full balance????? I am a veteran an a faithful memeber of USAA for years. The reason I was first late was because The automated payments were removed whhich put me behind. I am very dissappointed. I agree that its my fault for being late. I am ready to make the payment to fix it, but who can afford the whole premium!!!! This is insane!!! I cant believe USAA would do this to their customers.


Frustrated2018,  we can understand the frustration with the insurance payment. I have located your information and will have a specialist review this.

Hi @Fustrated2018, I see that you contacted a representative this morning regarding this. If you have further questions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you! -Marisa

I believe the same thing happened to me with the automated payment (in full) I set up being removed/deactivated. Fortunately I received a cancellation warning, but now I’m unable to set up the automated payment for the full premium amount without selecting a payment date option, none of which appear to be appropriate.

@mapdownunder, I am sorry to see there were issued with your automated payments. We can review the billing and account information to make sure everything is in order going forward. I will ask you contact us via chat available 24/7 at http://usaa.com and our specialists will be more than happy to review your account.  ~Marie