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Hi.  I'm recently getting setup and converted to our new USAA account.  However in Bill Pay, I notice Verizon Wireless is paid by check.  Why wouldn't this be electronic (as it was with my old bank) especially since Verizon has a relationship with USAA.


Same with Foremost Insurance.





Hello JonS_MT  I certainly understand your preference to have your payments sent electronically as opposed to a draft check. Whenever possible, payments are sent electronically. Our systems automatically select how each payment processes. The system evaluates many factors to determine how to send the payment. However, some payees don't accept electronic payments and in those instances a check is mailed. Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. ~ Lori

Thanks for the response Lori.  I know that in fact Verizon does except electronic payments because I used to do it with my old bank through their bill pay.  And so does Foremost Insurance (which is who USAA uses for manufactured home insurance).  I was just wondering if it's a glitch maybe.

JonS_MT, thank you for your response.  Even payees, such as Verizon, who accept electronic payments, will have payments sent out via check at times. This is determined by our payment processor at the time the payment is made. As Lori stated, they evaluate many factors when the payment is made to determine how a payment would be sent. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Jen

@USAA - it would only be fair if Bill Pay would clue us in as to what those parameters were - for example, my Target bill has been sent out electronically for months and out of the blue it was sent via check and not on time.  I set this payment up 10 days in advance and the Bill Pay group did not write the check until 3 days before my requested due date.  Needless to say, three days is not enough time when you are at the mercy of the USPS and if I had known a check was going to be issued I would have had the payment sent out immediately.  The Bill Pay group said the dollar amount (approx $850) was above a certain limit so they were required to send a check; however, I have had Nordstrom bills that have been 2-6x higher than the Target bill and they were sent electronically.  What I don't understand is this - if there is a caveat that something needs to be done via check, then the member should be told so that an informed decision can be made.  Also as an accountant it is counterintuitive that any company wants paper checks instead of electronic payments because they take longer to clear.  When I was talking to NationStar and asked why they would not accept electronic payments, they told me that it was because USAA was not willing to pay the fees associated with electronically paying the bill.   Is that true USAA?????   Although I do see that electronic payments are now being done for NationStar so there must have been a lot of complaints. 


And please don't bother to have someone call me as I have already talked until I am blue in the face. (Note to all- the Bill Pay group is pretty darn rude and thinks members don't know anything).  I have also corresponded via e-mail and the answer I received about the Nordstrom payments did not make sense at all and I responded as such and asked for clarification.  It has been a couple of days and I am still waiting to hear back.  Unfortunately for USAA, matters of money, paying bills on time, and balancing my checkbook/budget to the PENNY for the year are important to me, so I expect that this conversation could continue until USAA is able to provide answers that actually make sense to the me.


P.S.  Doesn't USAA have a handle on anything their vendors are doing? or do they just let their vendors dictate everything?

lo and thank you for sharing your feedback as well as your inquiry regarding your Web Bill Pay. The only time Web Bill Pay will mail a check is when a biller does not accept an electronic payment. Please know, whether a payment is made electronically or by check, Web Bill Pay should process the payment to be delivered on or prior to your due date. The biller make take additional time to process a mailed check payment, however they should backdate your payment to the original date it was received. If you incurred any late fees for your Verizon payment, please contact our Deposit Servicing Department during our business hours which are Monday through Friday 6:30am-10:00pm and Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm CT. Thank you! - Darrell

"The only time Web Bill Pay will mail a check is when a biller does not accept an electronic payment"


Ok.  Verizon clearly takes electronic payments because I did it for years with my old bank's bill pay.  And they are just a hometown non-chain bank.  But a large bank like USAA pays it with a check?


I like electronic payments because it comes out immediately.  Checks do not come out immediately so I don't know what's actually in my account at any given time.  Who keeps a paper register anymore?  I understand I can put a manual transaction in but I don't want to have to remember to take it back out.  



JonS_MT, I can certainly understand your concern about your Web BillPay payments to Verizon. We cannot guarantee the payment method. The way the payment is remitted depends on the merchant, your payment history, recent activity and the amount of the payment. Thus, I do recommend setting up the payments directly with Verizon by providing them your bank account and routing number as they may be able to process the payment electronically. - Ben

I have just read all of the messaging back and forth between JonS_MT and USAA from 2016.


Flash forward to December 2018 and the problem persists.  I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with USAA on 26-Dec-2018 and never got a satisfactory answer to the QUESTION: Why can USAA make some payments via EFT and other payments by cutting a paper check and mailing it with a stamp when dealing with the same "biller"?


In my case we are talking about transactions between two of the largest banks in the US if not the world:  Citibank and USAA.


Last night I submitted two (2) requests for payment by USAA to Citibank who manages the credit card operations for hundreds of businesses. The first payment was for $558; this was made via EFT directly to Citibank.  The second payment request (which was entered one minute after the first request) was for $1,480 but the USAA web bill system objected and claimed that the payment would have to be made by printed check and would take four days to processs.


Now I ask you:  How can this be?


No one at USAA can explain this and they offer no explanations for this inconsistency in basic banking operations.  USAA says their web bill pay operation is done by a third party, not by USAA.  Okay, so what?  


As customers of USAA, we expect consistency, transparency and an explanation of what is going on.  If there is some dollar limit on an EFT transaction, what is that limit and why is there a limit.


Okay USAA, it is your turn to answer these questions. Now.


1152 EST


@Gazebo4, I can understand your frustration regarding the payments for your bills. While some payments can definitely be sent electronic, others are sent via paper checks. There are many different reasons for this. To speak to your example provided, one payment was sent electronic and the second to the same payee, sent paper. This could be, because the payee has a threshold to which a payment over a certain amount is requested to be sent via check. For payments that are sent solely as paper checks, it is because their payment system requires paper checks instead of electronic payments for processing. I hope this information is helpful for you. ~ Samantha