Is there a reason why USAA cannot have the USAA Federal Savings Bank Signature Card Amendment online to update beneficiaries?  I have been on hold for over 30 minutes waiting on the customer service representative to get back with me.  She orginally starting filling out the Power of Attorney (POA) form for me which I told her I did not need.  I needed the Payable on Death (POD) form,  which the signature card has.    


Updating my Thrift Savings Plan beneficiary form took 5 minutes.  Downloaded the pdf file, filled it out, and faxed it back.  


Hello @ReLyon, I do apologize for the long hold time as well as the confusion regarding what your request was. 

At this time there is not a process for members to update their designated beneficiary via our website for any bank accounts as there is for Investment accounts. 

I will forward your message to the appropriate area to provide your feedback in regards to this process. 

Thank you for your membership and patience. I wish you a good weekend. ~ Lori C. 

@ReLyon, If you still need assistance with this request, please reach out to our Deposit Chat Team by selecting Contact Us from the HELP tab or via phone at 210-531-8722. Thank you. ~ Lori C.