Pass the buck! Never can speak with a Manager!

Richard Boye
Occasional Contributor

Terrible help from USAA.

I have been a long time member, and no one seams to care!!!!


I have asked for a manager to call me back, GO LUCK!


I have had problems with the following;


1.  Car Buying Service.  When I ask, in writting, for a USAA Manager to call me back, I get a phone call from Truc Car?

Do USAA employees READ?


2. Visa Card - I called USAA with a question regarding any warrenty when an item is purchased with the VISA. I was tansferred twice. Both times, someone on the other end asked for Personal Identifiable Information, after I was already authenticated. They asked for my Visa Card Number and the spelling of my name? Why, I was already authenticated.


3. Car Loan - I recdeived a phone call on May 18, 2017. The caller identified themselfs as CICOA with USAA and stated that they needed my State Drivers Licenise information to compelete a loan. Why? I already made one payment to USAA. I asked the caller for my phone password with USAA.  The caller stated they did not have it. I hung up. Then I called USAA....spent 45 minustes on the phone, and never spoke with a supervisor!


4. Investments - I tried to have USAA handel my 3 IRA's.  Good Luck!!! USAA advised me to sell my existing accounts and start a new account with them.  I told the USAA rep. about the Tax implications this would cost me.  They did not understand the concept of rolling an account over!


Needless to say, USAA does NOT handel ANY of my financial accounts!!! 




Richard - We never want anyone to feel like this. I understand the seriousness of the situation and want to help l. I will engage the appropriate teams, as you have covered more than one area, to review and contact you. Thanks for reaching out to us today. - Jason