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ERD and credit hid charges on my credit accounts and posted intentional misrepresentations about "Available Credit" in my accounts along temporary false charges and date changes on posted transactions. My accounts fluctuated as much as $800, up and down with false info. And small charges, less than $10 were denied. And my money is and continues to be wro gfully withheld. ERD lied to me after first agreeing that the balance ledger was still off by more than $200 after several adjustments were made.
These allegstions have been posted to USAA on Twitter due to lied from ERD, false and fraudulent transactions and theft of my money by USAA employees thru illegal tampering and denial of access. This coupled with fraud from claims and false statements and lied by ERD should elicit concern from all USAA members: beware of dishonesty employees and web support illegally hacking into computers and smart phones.