Paid in Full charged-off credit card - what do we do now?


My husband had a charged-off USAA credit card a couple years ago during a time of job loss.  The account is now "Paid in Full" and reflects such on my husband's credit report.  Good so far.  Our question now is what can he do going forward to rebuild his credit?  Taking into consideration that the account was Paid in Full, is there a set time that must pass before USAA would allow him to have a low-limit credit card?  Or, is there a different way he could rebuild his credit? 


Hi @TheBug, thank you for your question. Your husband is able to apply for a card at any time, as there is no set time frame to follow. If he chooses a card that he likes the features and benefits of and we're unable to approve him, we may use the application to present a counteroffer for another card with USAA that would help re-establish credit. I hope this helps, and good luck! ~Holland