Paid Charge Off, Have to wait 5 days to access money.

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We recently had a charge off due to an $8.95 unauthorized payment from PayPal charging an account of ours that had a zero balance. I've paid USAA over $200 dollars for the NSF fees regarding that $8 charge. I paid off my $57 balance this morning but the rest of my funds are being held for three business days. It's a weekend so that will be WEDNESDAY. I'm in Texas and it's raining. I have a daughter and a disabled husband. We dont even have money to leave safely if we needed to. I cant even buy GROCERIES! I really think this is unfair and unjust. We have been members with USAA for 15 years. We have EVERY Insurance they offer. We have referred countless individuals to them. Me and my husband both were recently victims of Identity theft and USAA knows this because we had to close the first account we opened with the last month due to this issue and they did an investigation regarding the issue. I cannot wait until Wednesday to have access to my money that I worked for. I paid my debt to you all and i wasn't even notified that the account was being charged off. This is unreal right now.


Thank you for contacting us, @Nickname771. I understand your frustration. I have located your profile and forwarded your concerns for further review. A specialist will follow-up with you. We appreciate your 15 year membership and the opportunity to address your concerns.

Thank you for your help and for getting back to me so fast. I would really appreciate if I could have this resolved today as we are experiencing a hardship. USAA knows we have multiple forms of income that gets deposited multiple times every month. We only bank with USAA so there is no way I have access to money else where. I'm sure you hear stories like ours every day, but we are truly in dire need right now.
Also, when will the specialist follow up with us? Please dont say within 3 business days.
Im sorry to bother you. But when will the specialist contact me?

Will the specialist follow up with me today?

I would really like for this issue to be resolved today. We are truly in need of our money today. We have to prepare for the bad weather that will continue. I was recently laid off from my job for a couple of weeks, that plus our Identity theft situation has caused us a great deal of trouble and we cant catch a break. This will cause us to truly SUFFER over the next 5 days. We have always been great customers to USAA. I have my car, home, and personal property Insurance through USAA in addition to 3, now two bank accounts as well. I dont see how you can treat "valued" customers this way. It takes 3 mins to take my money, but it takes "3 businesses" days to give me back access to my available balance... how does that work? I've never had an issue like this with you all. I notified you all numerous times about the issue that resulted in us being charged with many NSF fees to that account via chat. And the chats would always get disconnected. You all know this is true because you can view my chat history. This really makes me want to leave USAA.
USAA is in Texas so they are aware that the weather is horrible here right now.