Citibank now has a "QUICK LOCK" feature on its credit cards. USAA should have this. If you think you might have lost your card, you can instantly and temporarily lock your credit card until you find it, and then reactivate it. Toggling on and off is easy online or on the web. It's a real hassle to cancel a card and order a new one when you haven't really lost it in the first place.


I love USAA and the good APR but you need to keep up with the modern services and technologies that other cards are implementing.


Thank you.


NYCinFatigues Thank you for your post about the temporary hold on credit cards. We do offer a temporary hold option on credit cards actually. To access this on the website, select your credit card> select the option "report card lost/stolen > enter the date and location > On the next page you are provided the option to temporarily block. Click on “Yes, temporarily block my card.”   You must go through the steps as if you are reporting your card lost or stolen to get to the temporary hold.  Cards will be blocked until you remove the block. To unblock your card, return to> select "Remove Block" from your Account Summary page.

I have also suggested this feature in the past. While USAA does have the block/unblock feature, I think it would be helpful to have it in perhaps a more prominent location on the USAA App.

n8turebou, thank you for your feedback! I will share your comments with the appropriate area for further review. 

You USAA can now lock your credit cards


I've used it with the USAA app.

To Navigate:

Log in app>

Drop Down Menu botton on the top LEFT >

Wallet >

Click on the credit card you want >

Block Card.


...and when you find your card you can click: Unblock Card.