Over charged multiple insufficient funds fees in 20 days

Dont have nickname
I keep being charged insufficient funds fees for the same four transactions, over and over again. I’ve accrued over $200 worth of fees in less than 20 days. Why is it legal for a credit union to hide behind its own automation? automatically charging over $200 worth of insufficient funds fees for only four transactions in less than 20 days. The last two of them came from the car insurance branch at USAA which I canceled already. Why am I being punished for being impoverished at this time? Because I know it’s not my lack of communication I call you guys every other day about the same thing. I’m joining the class action lawsuit, Usaa has lost me as a long-term customer because it can’t even represent my relationship with it correctly to the credit bureaus. Usaa says 13 years when it has been closer to 20.


@Dont have nickname, I can see your concerns are serious and I'm engaging a specialist to help. Thank you. -Paula