I opened a USAA checking acocunt with ATM card to use for getting into online transactions.  I understand when I pay for something with Google Pay linked to my debit card it is just like making a normal debit card purchase and the money immediatley comes out of my checking account.  If I do something like split a dinner check and have someone send me their half through Google Pay, which again is linked to my debit card, does the money automatically flow from Google Pay to my debit card and then into my checking account, or does it stay in the Google Pay account?  Again, I do not have any Google Pay balance, so if I use Google Pay to buy something it would take funds through my debit card, so do incoming funds got back the other direction directly into my checking account?


Excellent question @jw0638. There isn't a balance that Google Pay keeps on hand for you, like PayPal does. If you split the bill with a friend, and they send you a refund via Google Pay, it will process back to your account via your debit card. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. - Cathleen