I have had ongoing debit card issues since moving to the new Visa cards. Multiple replacements and yet no one seems to be working with Visa/vendors to actually fix issues. Many places that don't have a chip reader won't read the magnetic strip on the card (even when it was brand new). Many places that have the chip still get a decline without the system reading the card properly and the machine says it off line even though it will work with a different Visa Debit Card (different bank) with a chip just fine. Ultimately I would like to be able to walk into a place of business and know my debit card is going to work like any other debit card would work. USAA owes it to customers to provide public updates on this that don't required ISAA recommending a new debit card every 3-4 months because they don't know what is wrong.


Lvmickey, we know how important debit cards are to everyday life and we want to help.  We have reviewed this and have sent you a message on Please login to respond so we may further review. Thank you, Jen.

I also have had problems. Just ordered my 3rd card replacement because the chip has malfunctioned. I think that there needs to be some sort of protection for that chip because it is slid in and out of terminals. It holds up lines when they have to put the chip in 3 times before they can slide it. Embarassing.

@GprGpr72, That's not fun! Sorry to hear you've had difficulties and had to replace your card so often. Thank you for your suggestion and feedback. I will forward to the appropriate team. ~ Lori

I also have the same issues and a replacement card is not the solution. When a purchase is being made at a point of sale and the merchant has to manually enter the card, the purchaser is subject to fraud. Entering card information in manually is not a secure way to make purchases at a point of sale. Replacement cards are not acceptable if the issue keeps occurring. It is completely enbarrassing to have issues with these card when going to any merchant with a card that doesnt work.

@Mikeb414, I can understand your frustration. I will have your concerns forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Samantha

Hello @Mikeb414, I do see you have talked to us since you sent this post and we have escalated this issue. If you have any other questions please let me know. -Colleen