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I ordered an official bank check four weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived to the payee. Reading through the community it seems this is a common problem. Here's the problem: USAA still has a large amount of my money and refuses to return it to me until 90 business days have passed to prove the check has been lost. This despite the facts that 1. It is clearly lost, it doesn't take a month to mail anything in the country and 2. The check is no longer necessary (due to USAA's delay).

I've spoken to multiple representatives and all they can say is "it's our policy." That's a completely unacceptable response when a significant amount of money has gone missing.


TAnthony, we hear you and understand how you feel.  We have modified procedures for stop payments on official checks, which do carry the 90 day turnaround time. We are happy to place the stop payment at that time. We will ensure your feedback is sent for further review as well. We value feedback from our members as this helps us with services we provide. Thank you, Jen.

Who is TAnthony?

That doesn't help me as there is over $10,000 technically now missing from my account that USAA is responsible for. How is USAA going to help me get my money back? All I keep hearing is "our policy prevents us from...." What I don't hear is "this is what we're going to do to help you." It is possible to cancle lost bank checks, this is a fact. What is USAA going to do to help me recover the money they have taken out of my account and subsequently lost?

Well I guess I have my answer. USAA isn't going to do anything about my missing funds. All I can do is hope that the check is found. It's really unfortunate, I was hoping by using usaa instead of a
traditional bank that I would receive better customer service & care.

Thank you for your reply, TAnthony. We have engaged a team of business specialist to review your concerns and follow-up with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Meredith

Meredith, thank you. When should I expect a follow up from someone?

Thank you for your reply. Follow-up typically takes a few business days, however, the specialist will follow-up as soon as possible. Thanks! -Meredith

Meredith, we are closing in on 4 business days and I still haven't been contacted nor has my money been returned.

I'm sorry to harp but I am growing concerned that USAA isn't going to reach out or resolve this.

TAnthony, Your feedback was received by CEO office for handling and addressing your concern.  We regret any frustration this situation caused you, and we assure you that excellent member service is a top priority for USAA. Our records indicate we are actively reviewing your information. I will reach out to see if there is any additional information and will ensure a follow up is made. ~Thank you. Celeste