I've been with USAA for over 30 years and I have almost always been pleased with their service.




Apparently my debit/ATM card had to be replaced because some institution (Target? Other?) had a security breach and my card and id may have been compromised. OK. That stinks. Not USAA's fault.




30 days ago I received one email notification that my card was to be replaced. I never received a new card (though my address has been accurate with USAA since I moved to this location, and they have sent claim checks and other information to this address.)


  • USAA has my mobile and sends me texts regularly.
  • They have my email.
  • They have my mailing address.
  • They surely noticed I have not activated a new card.
  • They surely noticed that today, twice, I attempted to use my card and it was declined. I checked my balance and there was plenty of money. There was no outreach that my card had been deactivated - I had to call to find out.


ONE EMAIL to notify me of this important information - I get hundreds of emails in a day. 


I have over 20 institutions that use that debit card number for automatic payments. I have no way to get cash until the new card arrives. This is a ridiculous way to treat a long term customer - there should have been MULTIPLE touches to ensure that I knew that my card was being replaced, and to look for the new card and begin to update all my automatic payments.


The rep I talked to kept saying "Well, we had to replace 50,000 cards." NOT MY PROBLEM. You have ways to reach me, and one touch via email is not enough. 


Very, very poor customer care USAA. I expected more from  you.


I appreciate you sharing your concerns with us today @MPH_1958, and do regret to hear of this experience. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for further review. Once reviewed they will contact you. Have a good night. -Emily