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What is the magic for USAA to be able to read the numbers on a mobile check deposit. Since recent updates, I have not been able to deposit a single check. Always get the message can't read numbers at bottom of check.


Any help appreciated.


Hi Wiseoldguy, Thank you for reaching out to us. By chance, is the check still attached to a pay stub or another receipt of sorts? If so, please detach the stub. The check deposit system sees the contrast which helps the printed numbers at the bottom to be recognized as in the correct place. Please let us know if this works for you. - Ben

Thanks for the reply. The check is not attached to anything.


Since my post I bave been able to make two deposits. I think the difference is to have a high contrast versus the check which is on the source. For example when I went from a white bacground to a light brown one I was able to make a deposit.


Is that consistent with what you think might make a difference?

Hello Wiseoldguy,


I appreciate your follow up message. I understand you have been able to make your deposits. We have found that placing your checks with a darker background often helps with them being accepted. Should you continue to experience an issue we recommend that you contact our Tech Support Team using the number previously provided. Thank you. - Rhonda

I also cannot deposit checks for some reason with the mobile app. I can honestly say that I have not encountered this problem before until today...?

Hi CajunImposter, I'm sorry to hear the difficulties you're experiencing in trying to deposit the check. Please ensure that you have the most current version of the USAA mobile app. If you're unable to make a deposit, please contact our Tech Support at 1-877-632-3002. - Ben

Tech support was useless for me, there only advice was to turn the check upside down, and to take more pictures... im really irritated with this issue right now. and i need my money to work. there needs to be a proper time effective secondary means to deposit.

@Oracai, I am sorry to hear your having difficulty with depositing your check. I know that is frustrating. If your device or our system can not capture a good image of the check and our Web Support team only tells you to keep trying, I can only suggest another option to get it here and that is to log into and try with a home scanner. Instructions are found under your Tools and Deposit @ home. I did do a search with our ATM locator to see if there was a USAA ATM located near you and there is not. Try the Deposit @ home option. Remember you can use any printer that has a scanner that you can securely access with. I do hope this helps. ~ Suzy

@Oracai, I wanted to check back with you and see if what I suggested worked? Just wanted to do a quick follow up. (=  ~ Suzy