I get paid on the 5th and the 20th each month. And i try to abuse automatic transfers/payments as much as possible to make my life simpler. Right now, there are Zero ways to manipulate the automatic transfers to allow me to move my money around on the dates i get paid with the options that are given on the automatic transfers page. I've already spent a lot of time talking to customer support trying to find a way to make it happen, and once the person helping me FINALLY understood that the 1st and 15th wouldnt work, they informed me that there was nothing coded in the system to allow auto transfers on the 5th and 20th.


I feel like it wouldnt be "hard" to add an option to select monthly auto transferrs on a specific date. I imagine there are other members out there that would also appreciate this feature, but i dont know. as it stands now, i have to manually move my money around each paycheck to get the effect i'm looking for.

Believe me, i'd much rather my company pay me on standard days, but i dont see that happening.


I appreciate the feedback on the automatic transfer system, @TheDax255, and regret the confusion and frustration this has created for you. You are able to establish automatic transfers around your pay dates, if you'd like. You'd just need to establish individual automatic transfers, rather than a single one for both dates. You'd setup an automatic transfer for the pay date of the 5th, then establish a separate one for the pay date of the 20th. You'll have two automatic transfers reflecting under your Manage Automatic Transfers list, rather than one. Please don't hesitate to reach out if this doesn't make sense, or you have any other questions. - Cathleen

When i asked about this while talking to a representative, i was told differently. There's no way to select a "date" when setting up monthly. I thought that maybe it would go off of the start date that i set it up, but i was told no. otherwise, i would have done that already.


The page does not have a "transfer date" field to select. Only a start and end date. I would feel more comfortable with a separate field (or a tooltip window pop-up explaining how it works) for transfer date with also the start/end dates.

I couldnt find anything in the FAQs either that explain it further.

I find that specificity is really important with these things. Are you explicetly saying that the "start date" is the day that the transfers will come out?

Dear @TheDax255,


Thank you for following up. That is correct! The start date is the transfer date. Thanks for the feedback and again we apologize for any confusion.