Non-member's Access as Joint Account Holder


Just opened 2 new accounts (Classic Checking/Savings) with my significant other, which falls under "cohabitant" when applying for the account.   Curious to learn about what a non-member is entitled to as a joint account holder with a USAA member. 


Can a non-member that is a joint account holder use online banking features? Will they be able to login and have access separately or will they have to login under my credentials to see our joint accounts' balances?





@FogAlert2020, Yes, your cohabitant can use the online banking features. First, they will need to register for access by selecting "Register" under Log On from the USAA home page. Once registered, they will have access to the joint bank accounts. They will NOT have access to any of your individual accounts. ~DC

Fantastic ! They now have a USAA number all their own! Thank you for the help :)