I'm a new member of Usaa, but I wasn't given a bank account because I wasn't eligible, please what am I suppose to do to have bank account?


Hello @Kuban101, in order to be eligible for a bank account you would have to have current or past military background. Another way would be if your parents were in the military and established membership. Please let me know if you have any other questions. -Colleen

Can I add my non-USAA account?
I mean my existing account, is that going to work out because I do not have military background. Please let me know if I'll be able to run my existing account with Usaa without having an account with USAA

Thanks for the follow up question, @Kuban101 - I regret any confusion, however, you're not able to link in your existing account. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please follow this link to learn more: http://usaa.us/2ooKcc0. - Cathleen

Thanks for your response either,
I just found out that my grandpa was into military, what am I going to do now have an account with Usaa, now that I have military backgr6. Please I need your quick response.

@Kuban101 Thank you for your interest in USAA, please click on this link  https://bit.ly/1WCFuBu  and click on Join Now... it will have questions for you to answer to see if you will be eligible for an account. ~Tom