Never Got my $200 Credit for Opening a Credit Card Account - Lame Excuse is Amazing!!


Like many members, last fall I received an email offering a $200 statement credit if I would open a new USAA MasterCard account. My credit rating is well over 800, and I get lots of credit offers, which I usually ignore. This one got my attention since it was a decent bonus, and was sponsored by, and came from USAA. While I certainly didn't need another card, I took the bait and applied. I met ALL of the requirements, but after many months my $200 credit never showed up.


After four unproductive, yet lengthy, phone calls to USAA, I finally received a call today explaining that the card I applied for (by clicking on the button in the email!!) was not the 'correct' card to get the promo credit. Apparently I was issued a "Cash Back" card, not a "Reward Points" credit card. 


Well folks, I have printouts of the offer email, and the fine print, and the screens used to apply for the card. I have supplied these to USAA. The card I have in my hand looks just like the one in the offer email. If I did not apply for the 'correct' card, it is because USAA took me to the wrong place to apply. 


There is no dispute at all that I met all of the requirements to 'earn' the $200 credit..simply that I don't have the 'correct card.'  This is USAA's mistake, not mine....


The young man on the phone today played the 'there is no one else to escalate your issue to' game when I told him his 'final resolution' was ridiculous. That in and of itself is completely unacceptable and well beneath the dignity of the USAA organization.  I'm hoping that posting here will save me the effort and time of filing a formal complaint with the Feds at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau....which is already written and ready to go. This is just ridiculous, and I'm really disappointed in USAA.


Not received $200 bonus.... Of course they blame you, but THE MC IS A REWARDS POINT CARD! I've had it for a long time until my just now finding out I'm supposed to get a VISA ....whoop die do...... They tell you what they want you to know, not what really happened. That you made correct choice, but they were already phasing MC rewards points out, for a VISA, which, hope all reading this are sitting: I've always had foreign fees applied. Not sure who told the story otherwise, or maybe USAA has a "special" VISA card. W/o foreign transaction fees. I don't believe anything anymore. Fool me once, I'll let you slide. A second time, however? Done, done, well, I'm done. 🤑🤑🤑

Same thing happened to me. I'm going to try calling again today.

Wow, the same thing happened to me as well. I have the "PREFERRED CASH REWARDS" visa card and have recorded phone conversations with three different employees stating I have the right card and it should appear. Lies, Lies and more Lies, they told me September 13th it "should" be rewarded, here we are 16 days later, no $200 reward. Why don't we get a group going to make a formal complaint together? I have recorded phone conversations of them telling me I will be getting it, days, weeks, months ago. I also have car insurance with them and was lied to about a percentage off to having both car insurance and a credit card, then after I sign up for the card, they tell me, your state is not included! So now I have insurance and a CC with them, no percentage off and no $200 bonus! This company can't keep getting away with this. 

Dear Matt M.,


We definitely don't want you to feel that way. I am sorry you have not received the promotion and discount. We will review this situation for you and contact you soon. Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns.

USAA is apparently up to the same thing with me.  I accepted the $200 bonus offer in April 2018 with continuing promises that the bonus would be applied soon on an upcoming statement.  Now November 2018 and still not credit.  I was just told that will be on my December 2018 statement after being told on Novemeber 1 that it would appear on my November statement.  

USAA is proving to be the most deceitful credit card company I have worked with.  Stay away and do yourself a favor by banking with Ally.

Dear @kapu,


I am very sorry you are having trouble. We will review this further and reach out to you soon. - Jesse




Have you been able to find anything yet?  As you see in my account, there is a very long history of conversations I've had with customer service about the $200 credit card sign-up offer.  I have been given several dates that I was assured the credit would be credited to my statement only to have that date pass and yet another new date offerred.  While customer service has always been courteous and helpful, they too have expressed their exasperation over this situation.  Unfortunately, that no longer provides much consolation.

@kapu, I can confirm that your concerns were elevated on Friday. Please allow some time for the business expert to thoroughly review the situation before conducting a follow-up with you. I appreciate your patience. ~DC

For anyone reading this thread, my situation was ultimately resolved as USAA applied the credit after finding where two separate processing errors had occurred in my account.  I appreciate that the systems for managing such promotionals are complex and that errors can happen.  Ultimately, I am pleased with USAA's response despite it being drawn out over such a long period of time.  USAA has a solid reputation for good customer service.  I plan to stay with USAA since they demonstrated diligence in resolving my situation and gave a sincere apology for their errors.