Needing ACH Coordinator name and contact number


VA Travel pay is all electronic - except filling out the form.   Good 'ole snail-mail...

And it's requiring the 'ACH Coordinator'

Name, and Phone


@EBPB, to help with your pay deposit, I uploaded a direct deposit form that contains all the necessary information for an electronic deposit to your account. Please click on My Tools > View my Documents to view this form.  Hope this helps.

I'm in need of the same information.  Any way I can get it USAA?

@Greslyel, I'm happy to locate that information. To begin the conversation, please initiate a private message. You can enable private messaging from "My Settings". Select "Private Messenger" and then "Turn on private messages". After doing so, you can "Send New Message" by clicking the envelope in the same drop-down menu. ~DC

I need to fill out a form for reimbursement that is requesting the same information: ACH COORDINATOR NAME and also has a field for a SIGNATURE AND TITLE OF AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL (though this says it could be same as ACH Coordinator). Not sure what to put in these fields

Hi @CMC3 - This information is the same as what would reflect on the Direct Deposit form, which you can access online. Simply type in Direct Deposit form on the search key of the website. Then, select the Direct Deposit Form option, provide the requested information and follow the prompts. You'll use the bank information that's provided to complete the ACH Coordinator information on your form. - Cathleen

@USAA   The form is a OMB No. 1510-0056 and is asking for a Signature and Title of Authorized Official: (Could be the same as the ACH Coordinator)  How do we get the signature?

@TheBigUgly, we will be more than happy to help with this form! Please fax/upload this in to us with a quick letter of instruction stating that you need the signature and we will get it completed for you! Our fax number is 800-531-5717. ~ Samantha